Scotland in 60 days?

Scottish flagThe Estates of Scotland, the original parliament of Scotland existed from the early 13th century. With the Acts of Union in 1707, the Scottish Parliament was merged with the Kingdom of England. In 1999, the current new Scottish Parliament met for the first time in almost 300 years. This meeting came about because of a referendum two years earlier, in which the Scottish people voted for its own parliament. On September 18, the Scottish people will vote for what may be the next step in Scotland’s history, and is described as a once in a generation opportunity for Scots to make a decision about their future. This vote was triggered because the Scottish National Party won a majority government. A no vote would continue with the current devolved Scottish parliament. According to the Government of the United Kingdom, a yes vote will mean the beginning of negotiations for separation. If there is a yes vote, Scotland will change forever. Like any political question, this referendum isn’t without controversy, which is reported in the media in the UK. The Guardian reports that inmates are challenging a voting ban that prohibits them from voting. The Scotsman’s polling suggests that there are 700,000 people, or about 17 per cent, who would leave Scotland if there is a yes vote. Their polling also suggests that it could be a very close vote stating that “When undecided voters are excluded, the Yes vote stands at 46 per cent and No support is at 54 per cent.” More information about the referendum and the issues Scotland will face found at on the UK Government and on the The Future of the UK and Scotland’s YES campaign website.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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